Here is how you can create a Spiral text with easy steps in minutes

  • Goto File>New or press Command/ctrl+N on the keyboard and create a new document of any size usually go for 1080x1080px and name it as you want to.

Now we have a new blank document let’s set a background color for our choice, I am going for black for my project.

  • Choose the Rectangle tool from the tool panel on the left.
  • Now click on the top-left corner of the canvas(the thin black border you see in the center of the screen) and make the same size rectangle as the canvas size you created in the last step. in my case its 1080x1080px.
  • Now remove the stroke from the shape by going to FILL and Stroke click on stroke then bring stroke to front and disable it.
  • Now double-click on Fill and a color picker window will open
  • Choose the color of your choice I will go with black as Mentioned.
  • Now we have a black shape, we can lock it by selecting the shape layer and going to Object>Lock>Selection or by pressing the Command+2 key in macOS and ctrl+2 key in windows. it will make the next steps easier.
  • Now long click on the rectangle tool from the tools panel and choose the ellipse tool.
  • Create a circle in the middle of the canvas and dive it into a stroke, choose any color that you can see easily on the background color you have chosen.
  • Click on the bottom anchor point with the selected tool and you will see text going with the path of the circle.
  • Replace the text your what you want to use for the design. for this blog, I am writing.

Choose your desired for from the character panel. if you can’t see the character panel go to Window>Type>Charector or hit the Command/ctrl+T to see the panel on the screen.

Choose the font of your choice. for this tutorial, I am talking Coc Gothic with a heavy font weight. and hit the All caps button.

Now my screen looks like this

Select the circle, right-click on it, and hit Create Outline.

after that create a shape of any size around the artwork by choosing a shape tool from the tools panel

Now hit the dot button on the keyboard or go to Window>Gradient or Command/ctrl+F9.

Now go to the gradient panel and choose a white-to-black or any gradient color you want, I am choosing the black to White to black gradient.

Now switch to radial gradient from the same panel and click on the “reverse gradient” button following the screenshot above.

Choose the text and press Command/ctrl+8 to make the text a compound path.

Select the eye-dropper tool and pick the color from the shape we created a few seconds ago.

Choose the gradient tool from the tools panel.

Move the dark Gradient slider to the outside and close to the text, making it look like the above image. On my screen darker color is black

Now make a copy of the whole circle and place it anywhere in the canvas, we will need it in the end.

Go to Effects>Dirsort & Transform>Transform. Reduce the size Horizontally and Vertically to 80% or lower. Set an angle to 5 or -5. in the last increase the number of copies as much as you want. all the numbers I choose can be different for your project depending on the size of your canvas so play around with these numbers. and hit “OK”.

Go back and take the copy we made before and place it in front of the shape and set the color to the brighter color of the gradient but as a solid color, not a gradient.

That’s it. We are done 🙂

Play Video about Spiral text in Adobe Illustrator